TVF Digital Set For Active 2015

27/01/2015 1:50pm

TVF Digital has been a very busy agency over the last few months, with plenty of projects queuing up for 2015.

Online Post Production (OPP) recently completed the delivery of a DVD to help sufferers of COPD keep active. OPP not only completed the post for this project but also oversaw filming for a high profile global medical agency.

TVF Digital’s developers have also been working on a whole range of projects for the same client; along with the designers they’ve been putting together Mailer Awareness campaigns which will make innovative use of mobile, tablet and desktop apps to help the medical world increase efficiency for diagnosing patients.

The agency’s designers have been working on a complete redesign for a hotel chain’s portfolio of websites. This has involved rethinking an entire hospitality brand, as well as creating fresh websites with the developers for the hotel’s new services.

The digital marketing team has also been working hard on various projects; such as the successful release of the first music acts, talks and debates for HowTheLightGetsIn 2015, the world's largest philosophy and music festival. 

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