TVF Digital 2024 Projects Update

20/02/2024 12:51pm

We’re excited to share some of our latest work in the digital and production spheres, as we actively engage in a diverse array of exciting projects and deliver top-tier content on a global scale.

Online Post Production

BBC Maestro Series
OPP has worked with BBC Maestro on two separate series showcasing lessons from the world’s best. The first series features the acclaimed author Lee Child, renowned for his thrilling Jack Reacher novels, and the second highlights the esteemed poet Carol Ann Duffy, former poet laureate. Through meticulous editing, we’ve captured the essence of Child and Duffy’s writing processes, allowing audiences to immerse themselves into their creative worlds.

Dun Huang: Ancient Frontier Fortress
Our team has adeptly re-edited and re-packaged the captivating documentary series "Dun Huang: Ancient Frontier Fortress" for new global regional distribution. Through meticulous efforts, we have edited the content, remastered audio, and crafted compelling marketing materials for what can be described as the "Game of Thrones" of the East, delving into the enthralling history of the Silk Road.

We edited the feature documentary “J’Accuse!” for theatrical release, a labor of love project that has garnered significant attention for its poignant and sensitive subject matter. Director Michael D Kretzmer entrusted us with a deeply personal story, and the team worked to craft a beautiful documentary exploring themes of justice and redemption. The film has received widespread acclaim and garnered numerous awards at prestigious festivals worldwide, including the Paris Film Awards, Kiez Berlin Film Festival, and the World Film Carnival in Singapore.

TVF Digital

Interactive Digital Platform
TVF Digital has been working with a key global healthcare brand. Our creative team of storytellers, designers and software engineers have created a groundbreaking interactive platform that traces their unique history across the years. Featuring captivating animations and engaging content, this bespoke platform allows employees and clients to delve into the company's rich heritage and connect with its values on a deeper level.