TVF Digital Nominated for Creativepool Awards

05/07/2024 3:36pm

We are thrilled to announce that TVF Digital has been shortlisted for two prestigious Creativepool awards! Our exceptional work with Accord Healthcare has earned us finalist positions in both the Animation and Digital categories. Our project, “The Little Book of Accord” saw us create an interactive platform which showcases Accord’s rich history and significant contributions. This engaging digital book serves as a comprehensive resource, allowing employees to interact and share their experiences, fostering a strong sense of community across their global network. Featured within The Little Book is a captivating short film that highlights the interconnectedness of the healthcare industry. Through diverse 3D characters, the film reflects the experiences and broader impact of Accord’s employees.

Online Post Production has been hard at work editing a poignant Nigerian university drama series that unveils the raw realities of Nigerian campus life. “UniLife” is set in the heart of a bustling Nigerian university, exploring the dynamic lives of students navigating the complexities of academia, relationships, and secrets. Through the trials and triumphs of young students, we’re editing together a shocking mystery featuring vibrant characters and beautiful footage which showcases the realities of student life in Lagos.

It’s been an incredibly busy quarter for our post-production team with lots of MCR work, as we've successfully delivered hundreds of factual shows in collaboration with TVF International. One of our standout projects this quarter is the post-production work on "The Secret Life of Bats" documentary. Our talented editors focused on creating new graphics and audio, transforming the documentary for English-speaking audiences and bringing this fascinating story to life.

In addition to our ongoing projects, we are excited to explore the role of AI in enhancing our creative work. We’ve initiated regular AI meetings to delve into the potential of AI tools in our post-production processes. Our in-house AI specialist Hanna has spearheaded this initiative by producing an internal video series for our team, providing valuable insights into Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. We are excited to incorporate these innovative tools to further elevate our creative output!