HowTheLightGetsIn Hay 2023 Festival Line-Up Announced

06/01/2023 12:37pm

With only a few months remaining until HowTheLightGetsIn returns to the idyllic embankment of the River Wye, preparation for the festival is in full swing, and HTLGI are excited to share that several speakers for the 2023 Hay line-up are already confirmed. Following this year's festival theme Error and Renaissance, HowTheLightGetsIn gathers together the leading thinkers in every field to think through our present moment and find new ways of understanding the world.

Nobel Prize winning theoretical physicist Roger Penrose will be returning to HTLGI once again, after participating in a fascinating debate with other top physicians at last year's festival in front of a packed venue. Those interested in our science-related events will also have the opportunity to see trailblazing Harvard physicist Lisa Randall, included in the list of Time magazine's '100 Most Influential People' of 2007, and superstar spring-theorist Brian Greene.

Philosopher Slavoj Žižek will also be making a comeback, and will be joined by Daniel Dennett and Rowan Williams on the philosophy side. Other speakers include revolutionary economist Gillian Tett, masterful novelist Esther Freud, and many others.

For a full list of speakers, head over to and stay tuned for more to come! Don't miss out on a chance to hear conversations that will shape the intellectual landscape of the country for years to come. Get your ticket now: