Open Gallery

Open Gallery is an online art gallery devoted to a new form of art: video painting. We offer both a space for artists to showcase their work and services for art installations.

The video painting movement was founded in 2001 as a new form of video art dedicated to the avoidance of narrative closure and the pursuit of openness. For the last decade, Open Gallery has pioneered this medium, collaborating with artists committed to its core philosophy and showcasing their work.

Video painting’s evasion of narrative and arrangement into thematic series, which play in intelligent sequences determined by the artist, encourage us to see the work continually evolve.

Shot using a stationary camera, a fixed lens and with no subsequent editing, the context and complexity of video painting serve to challenge the narrative traditions of film and video art. There is no music, no dialogue – no sound of any kind, freeing the work from the limitations and constraints of language and meaning.

Collaborating with fourteen artists who film throughout the world, Open Gallery occupies a nomadic territory. Rejecting the institution of a physical gallery space and working with an ephemeral medium; the gallery itself is in a continual state evolution and leading the way in challenging the very notion of what a gallery for video artworks could become.

We participate in exhibitions and events nationally and internationally and our artists’ work is held in a number of high profile private and public collections. More information on our bespoke installations, pop up exhibitions, events and services can be found here.

Who we work with